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Supporting You

We believe in a Pyramid of care.  The Child is at the top of the Pyramid and will be supported by ourselves and their Parents/Carers.  We allow the Child to lead us as we get to know their little personalities and monitor carefully how they cope with separating from their Parents/Carers when you begin their childcare.  We strongly recommend settling in sessions of 2 hours at a time to allow the Child to get familiar with their new surroundings and our Staff.  This will be organised carefully when you book your child in with us.


When Returning to Work

We accept any Childcare Voucher Scheme Company that your Employer may use.  When returning to work  your Employer will be able to advise you which Company to contact to set up your account.   Please advise us when you have completed this stage and we can provide our CSSIW Registration Number and contact details to set up the Childcare Provider details.  Further information can be obtained from the team at Swansea Family Information Services telephone 01792 517222.


Working Together

We aim to get to know our families very well which often includes extended family members.  We are always happy to chat informally on a daily basis providing verbal feedback at the end of your child’s day.  We ask that our Parent’s/Carers do let us know if there are any changes to their child’s routine or development and general well-being.  We have a Parent/Carer’s Open Evening in July at the end of Term 3 where we invite you all to have drinks and nibbles and spend time chatting to Staff and other Families.  This is a great opportunity for discussing your child’s progress and sharing their end of year Development Record and End of Year Report.




Sharing Your Child’s Time with Us

We feel that it is important that we share all about your child’s time with us by:-

Ø Providing Daily Report Sheets indicating details and information about your child’s day, what they have eaten, how they have been, how long they slept for etc.

Ø Text Messaging Service with information and reminders

Ø Organise Home/Nursery fun activities which may involve children collecting towards a termly Theme

Noah’s Ark Childcare Limited Facebook page to post photos of fun activities, displays and Nursery Updates(NOT photos of children)